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Some may see the work we do and think nothing of it, but every time you go skiing or snowboarding and hop in a Gondola on your way up the mountain, looking at the interior, exterior, and then thinking of all the details within the hardware of the capsule. It adds up to be well over 100+ individual work hours upon each Gondola we restore and then flip. The workload increases day by day as the orders keep coming, but with such a great team of hard-working people who all share the same passion, it creates an abundance of great minds who are able to accomplish a lot of great work.

You are asking yourself how long it takes to restore a gondola and how we do it? Our day to day process here at THE GONDOLA SHOP consists of…

  • Learning who the customer is, connecting with them to get a true sense of detail that they would like to be included in the end design.

  • Once the customer has established their needs/wants, it’s time to plan everything out. Create sketches for any new designs being implemented, what style of Gondola they requested, as well as figuring out the color or shade that is requested as well.

  • With the necessary steps completed, we now move onto the Gondola itself. Either using one already from the warehouse or specially ordering a new Gondola that still needs restoration.
  • Planning out the whole process for the order we begin by “stripping” the Gondola of its properties from the inside out, tearing out any old installation, rubber casings, windows, seat covers, anything, and everything until the whole inside is practically empty.

  • Now it’s time to clean the dusty ski box, removing all rivets within the floorboard, exposing the full undercarriage where debris and gunk can end up. Then going through with a vacuum, rags, and WD-40 to remove all that nastiness.

  • Then we take the old parts that aren’t too damaged and clean them, fully disinfect any and all attachments that would be used again in the future. We can restore Plexiglass windows removing up to 85% of scratches and bring back old dry rubber moldings black and shiny again, to name a few of our talents. 
  • Once everything is cleaned and examined, it’s time to remove the old paint and rust. The entire carriage is sandblasted and then ready to undergo a new coat of color regarding the specifics from the customer. This can extend the deadline by a day or so as it does take a lot of time for the coats to dry effectively and efficiently.

  • Once the parts are disinfected and cleaned, they are inspected for further uses as they may not be the right parts or they may be too damaged to use. It slowly is coming back to life with a fresh new look, new parts and fully cleaned interior/exterior.
    • After the Gondola is fully restored, coated, and fulfilled to the client's requests we take photos of anything and everything just to double-check that we covered all areas of concern for the client.
    • Then we prep, package, load up and ship out the Gondola directly from our warehouse all while ensuring safety through our personal delivery. With this process of shipment it also ensures a solidified relationship between clients and our business, we strive in personal connections with customers to make sure they are satisfied with our work all while hoping for future business interactions.
    • Depending on the location of the client could lead to extra delivery hours or delays, as Colorado is known for crazy weather year around.
    • At the end of the process, it's clear to see that all of this cannot happen within a single workday. Especially for bigger orders that require all hands on deck, it still takes long continuous hours in order to become somewhat satisfied with the work we have done.

    Here at THE GONDOLA SHOP we strive in a true connection with our customers /supporters, no matter where they may be located we practice in full satisfaction to create a stable relationship with our client so we can guarantee their return.

    We have curated this blog page/questionnaire in hopes that it helps everyone understand, whether you’re buying a Gondola or not who we are, what we do, and what we believe in. From day 1 of the process, we keep a constant monitor with the customers, ensuring all their needs are being met with Sunshine Polishing standards, as we only strive for the best with each and every project we invest our time into. All the way until the customer is met with their order and fully satisfied.

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