Where is your facility? Where are you located? 

Our workshop is in Grand Junction Colorado, also known as the Western Slope of Colorado. We are a 4 hour driving distance away from Denver, CO and about the same from Salt Lake City, UT.

Can we visit your workshop/ facility if we are in the area? 

It is possible to visit us during the completion of your project or to pick up a gondola, on a scheduled appointment basis.

What are the shipping costs? 

Before we can give you a shipping quote, we need to make an assessment of the location and the environmental factors of the final destination requirements. Is the delivery to a home or business? Do you have access to a forklift? To accurately quote you, we need to gather as much information to understand the specific needs in order to guarantee a timely and damage free delivery. Shipping cost are usually between $350 to $2,000 per gondola. If you buy more than one gondola, the price of shipping per gondolas drops.

How long does it take to ship a gondola? 

Unlike dedicated shipping company, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery day. Since we like to deliver the gondolas ourselves, you must take into consideration that our facility is on the western part of Colorado and the distance to cover from Grand Junction, Co. If a gondola is purchased as is, we need 2 days to prepare, set up and secure to a trailer. East coast deliveries can take up to 3 to 4 days and West Coast delivery 2 to 3 days. Winter months can be challenging and might take up to a day longer if the destination is near either coasts. 

What is the time required for the full restoration of a gondola? 

Each project is custom made to your needs and requirements. The preparation behind each step of the project is most important and there is a lot of communication between us and the buyer to cover every aspect of the project. The determination of color, fabric for the seats, custom furniture, lighting option and other decorations must be established before we disassemble the unit to ready its transformation. The overall restoration process can take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to complete based on our experience.

 What type of restoration do you accomplish?

You can compare the restoration of the gondolas to that of a classic car. We completely disassemble each gondola to it’s bare minimum, degrease and clean the metal of contaminant to have it ready for sandblasting. Once the sandblasting is complete, we prime and paint the surfaces with industrial coatings that are durable and provide excellent corrosion protection all the while providing an excellent glossy finish. Following that, the attention goes into the interior. Custom furniture? Lights? Table? Stand? Racks? We assemble the insides with your choice of options that are designed for the exact purpose you have in mind for your personal VIP gondola!

If I provide my own concept, can you complete the project?

Yes! We have an amazing craftsmanship team (woodworker, metal fabricator, welder, electrician, etc) ready to make your ideas and vision a reality! 

Can I rent a gondola for a special event?

Yes. We have many options from 1 day to monthly/yearly rental. 

What type of gondola can I rent?

We have some awesome gondolas for rent, from a wedding gondola, to a fully restored one with tables and light, a photo booth or simply “as is” we can help you find what you need. We can ad, logos or graphics to our rentals to personalize it for your event. We have some new rentals concepts coming in 2020. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for all the details.@thegondolashop.com

How much does it cost to rent a gondola?

We will need to know a few things before giving you a quote: how long you want it, how many, what is the event and where we need to deliver it. Our rental price starts at $400. Call or email us for a detailed price list

Where do you ship your rental?

Rentals are available for California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming only.  

Can I provide my own design for a gondola rental?

Yes of course, we can wrap the gondola with your own design, logos, etc. We provide the art template for you to help you complete your design/concept.

What type of events can a gondola be used for?

Whatever cool purpose you think a gondola can have is what we think a gondola can be used for! Whether it is for a trade show, a lemonade stand, a coffee shop, a retail store or a wedding photo booth, our gondolas are one of the most unique things you can use to get noticed in whatever endeavor you are engaged in.

Can I use a gondola “as is”?

Yes you can, but keep in mind that all our gondolas have been on-line (outside) between 20 and 30 years. That being said, in order to use it inside or in a clean environment, it would need work.

Can I restore a gondola myself?

Of course you can, keep in mind that it will not be easy but you certainly can. These gondolas come from Europe so you will need metrics tools and hardware to accomplish the work.

What are the dimensions of the gondolas?

You will find in the description of the gondolas we have for sale the outside dimensions and weight. The dimensions vary based on the different models we offer. If you want all inside dimensions we have an extensive PDF with all that information. Please email us if you need to see it.

If we did not answer your question please contact us. 970-414-0452 or info@thegondolashop.com