25 years in business: it is all about the people!

From Sunshine Polishing Intl in Whistler, Canada, to THE GONDOLA SHOP in Fruita, USA. 

Is it ambition, stubbornness, craziness, pure naivete, or simple stupidity? Some days were my last; some days were the start of new beginnings, some days I wanted to give up (so many days), but I'm still here; some days we drank champagne; some days I cried. Which days I focused on: the positive ones. Why? Because I've always been well surrounded.

So many humans made this business what it is now and deserve to be acknowledged. There is also some people that where lost in the story but not forgotten. 

I do not know where to begin to include all the people that made this incredible journey possible... 

Louis-David Belanger
The partner with whom I started it all. We took his knowledge to another level and began working in an environment we both liked: the mountains. In Canada, the US, and Europe. In 2006 we went our separate ways, but to this day, I still greatly respect him. Without our partnership, my life would not be what it is now.

Thomas Kothmiller
My inspirational Austrian partner since 2010, with whom I traveled all the way to Vietnam (what a contract!!), and did all the tradeshows in Innsbruck. You are fantastic, and I can't wait to see you in 2023.

My dad and sister who encouraged me through all the ups and down and always supported me. All my family, friends, clients, and employees that  have always been there! Some have been a big part of my life and deserve some light.

Francis Lalonde - Loyal
Aurelie Fock - Trusty
Alexandre Bastien - Creative
Martin Paquette – Artisty
Maïté Bustros - Reassuring
Phil Thornton - Present
Nicolas Richer - Generous
Geneviève Chiasson - Calming
Gaspard Bastien - Enthousiastic
Julian Avavian - Cooperative
Jye Thompson - Optimistic
Jim Leobe – Encouraging
Bill-Cameron Pollock - Instrumental
Travis Allen - Supportive
Jen Taylor - Energizing
Michael J Larson - Caring
Katelyn OLeary - Devoted
Diana Cerqueira - Commited
Aleksey Kovtun - Smart
Eric Patrick Kelly – Talented
Amy Sorensen - Willing
Rupert & Cashew - Unconditional lovers

All the guys (it's a man's world) in all the resorts we worked with, all of you; thank you (here's a few names): Jeff, Paul, Warren, Logan, Scott, Geno, Jason, Al, Julie (yes, a woman), Jacqueline (another one), Pete, Bobby, Damien, Ben, Conor, Marc, Doug, Adam, Tyler, John, Chris, Jimmy, Bryce, Kurt, Larry, Vincent, Phil, Samuel, Savannah (a third one), and so many more.

Last: me. Let's be honest; I am motivated and organized but stubborn. Is that why I survived in a man's world all these years? Maybe but my parents, who raised an independent woman with a work ethic out of this world, are also a big part of it. Our life is the result of all our choices and efforts. I made mine sometime unconsciously, or so I thought, but my family, friends, and experiences made me the person I am today.

Why did I choose this business? It chose me. I wanted to work in the mountains; I've always wanted to be in the mountains, so at 23, after school, I drove 3000km from Montreal to Whistler, and the rest is history. Why did I stick to this business for so long, thru the tough time, the endless traveling, the multiple moves, and the pandemic? Still trying to figure it out: Is it the incredible people I met (some with who I am friends now), the adventures, the somewhat freedom I have, or the life I have in Colorado? I can't put my finger on it. I am here 25 years later, happy, well-surrounded, and in the right place. How long will I keep doing this? One day at a time, right?

I wish you all an incredible journey! Whatever you do in life, thank the people around you every chance you get!


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