Tips & Tricks: SUNSHINE POLISHING philosophy to aesthetic maintenance

aof, relating to, or dealing with AESTHETIC or the beautiful aesthetic theories

b: ARTISTIC work of aesthetic value

cpleasing in appearance: ATTRACTIVE

To understand what we are about, we would like to guide your attention to the “C” In this definition, “pleasing in appearance. The first thing we want people to know about us is that we pay close attention to making something that deserves to look beautiful a reality! In our case, it is ski gondolas mainly, these marvels of engineering that yearly take up millions of skiers and sightseers worldwide, up to the tops of some of the greatest cities and mountains in the world.

The beginning of our adventures with these beauties started because of a scratched window on a lift ride to a mountain top. Since then, the quest has been to maintain ski lifts as if they were limousines, not New York City yellow cabs! We have developed and continually improved the “product selections and techniques” we use to obtain the best results possible. We accomplish what some may consider impossible in a timely, efficient way to save our bodies and energies for our later years while providing reflections of beauty for years to come for our clientele!

As we inform you of how we do it, we hope these articles will become one of many references to consider to help you achieve the desired results on your projects.

Snowbasin gondola restoration

We have our unique philosophy to describe the importance of cleanliness in the ski lift world. It begins with the belief that cleanliness and shiny cable cars maintain a resort's reputation and warm customers up to the experience THEY ARE ABOUT TO LIVE ON THE RESORT and the landscape surrounding them. For this reason, resorts conscientious of their image call upon us to maintain the various surfaces of their gondolas or bubble chairs.  By removing graffiti from Lexan/ acrylic window panels, dirt, grime, and dullness on the paints, we can give a “like new “ appearance to these flying cars! What better way to know that you are embarking on a ride as bright as the Moon or the Sun in the sky? This wow effect, we feel, needs to be part of you the whole time of your stay, adventures, and journeys.

We think of ourselves as providers of more attractive, lasting memories. We want everyone to keep wanting more. More views, more runs, and more FUN by enhancing what is already pleasurable… a ride to the tops of the world!

We have been busy for 20+ years trying to leave job sites that will make a lasting impression on people. 

As we tell these stories, we hope to influence your willingness to be as successful and proud in your projects as we are on a more significant scale.

If, along the way, you need help or want suggestions or clarity on how to get the result you seek; we will be more than happy to give some insight.

Thank you for reading! 

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