Where we've been / Where we're going.

Sunshine Polishing was born in Whistler, British Columbia, of French Canadian originators. Almost naturally, what began as a way for ski bums to earn a paycheck in the summer months made dreams, visions, and actions move the offices of this pioneering company to the beat of the drum of its growth. The company’s ascent is due to doing business with people and places with common likes. These moves were often also strategic to benefit from the opportunities that presented themselves, with the list of clients getting longer.

From the modest beginnings in Whistler to the Alps of France, back to the east coast of Canada, our expanding minds and business have taken us to the present in the United States.  New roots have begun to grow in the heart of America, in Grand Junction, Colorado. We are now setting up shop in this small, tight-knit, yet vibrant community because it has a growing business community and is surrounded by a natural playground that many places on the globe wish they had. They are located at the junction of the shores of the Colorado and Gunnison river, hence why Grand Junction is a valley town at the doorsteps of the Rockies and the San Juan Mountains. It's a place where the habitants spend most of their time enjoying many outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, kayaking, biking, and hiking… to name a few.

But before landing here, We visited and stretched ourselves across many continents. With many more to go, we hope! Sunshine Polishing, the mothership, has headquarters, as mentioned earlier, in the US and Europe. Along with the Grand Junction, Colorado office, our affiliate branch has an office in Maria Saal, Austria. We are lucky to consider home on both sides of the Atlantic.


We have been lucky to visit and explore new horizons; we know we will have the chance to share details of places some people only dream of. Because we are grateful for our situation, we want to share our stories from the places we travel to for our work.

You will notice our love for nature, our curiosity for the world, and our healthy and sporty lifestyle from the stories we document. From the best vantage vistas to great meals and scenes to the best trails, we hope to extend our friendship to the outdoors and bring you into our tribe.

Colorado trail bike We will help discover and make you an insider on the places to see and things to do in these magical places nested in some of the most prestigious resorts in North America and the world.

We want to connect your eyes to what we are seeing and living so that you get the urge to visit and experience these places yourselves… and who knows, our paths may cross on a river, a trail, or a lift near you! That is our wish, and we are making it our goal for 2019 and beyond! This virtual trip will hopefully encourage you to live it for yourself, and it will be our honor to be your virtual tour guide until then.





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