Who's behind Sunshine Polishing Technology?

The core of Sunshine Polishing is made of 3 exceptional individuals and 3 dogs!


Ok, I would not say I am exceptional, but I’m obsessed with gondolas, I'm dedicated to all my clients, very motivated to go above and beyond with every project we work on, supportive and present for all my employees and mainly very grateful to be surrounded with such awesome people.



For a start, the Gondola Shop will not exist without Charles who came on board in 2010 bringing some new energy, new aesthetic techniques and an even higher level of quality. You know, the kind of guy that starts something and gets very good at it in no time? That’s him. I admit I’m jealous sometimes.

His flair and dedication pushed Sunshine Polishing to another level. Optimizing every process is his obsession. Without this Blonde Bomb, we would not be painting and repurposing gondolas right now. He’s the one behind the first painting contract Sunshine Polishing signed, and of course, it was the most exceptional lift in North America, why not? The Peak to Peak in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.



On the other side of the Atlantic, I have another great partner. Part of the family since 2008 Thomas Kothmiller is the owner of a sister company “Sunshine Polishing Austria.” He studied in Tourism Management and is an active part of the development of our brand. We work on some contracts and participate in tradeshows together. We also meet every year and share techniques, ideas, and stories. It’s a great advantage for a business to be able to share with someone from another mentality, different background, and experience. 


Besides the humans in the business, we have space for our pups. We love dogs and are a dog-friendly workspace.

Big name, small dog. Our little 4.5lbs Morkie Rupert rules the place!

From the Summit County Shelter in Colorado, this guy found a new life with us! He’s Gretzky; the greatest!

The youngest of all. Our Australian Shepherd is very protective of his family.

This is the core of our team, but we are also surrounded by creative individuals, remarkable and dedicated suppliers that are essential to our success.

We will talk about these great people very soon.

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  • Mighty

    You guys rule!!
    C’est vraiment un beau site, tres pro et personnel en meme temps!

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