We were thinking about this for a while! A personal sauna that you can set-up anywhere you want. We have been working really hard on it for 6 months. It's now available.


    We started with the idea that a regular sauna should be more practical and fun. We live in Colorado; everything is unique here. We took an old Steamboat, Colorado, 8 passengers gondola. We worked with some very dedicated, faithful, and motivating people to bring this idea to life. The result is way above our expectations. First and foremost, Mike Mahoney from Mahoney Industry I do not know where to begin. You are definitely the brain behind the conception of this sauna. Your talent, ideas, experience, dedication, and commitment to this project are out of this world. You brought this concept to another level. It was a real pleasure to work with you. We are lucky to have you on board. Travis Allen, for the beautiful paint job, the multiple metal pieces you worked on, and all the advice and details you brought to this project. Our two models: Erica Doemland and Jim Loebe from Telluride. Thank you for taking the time out of a workday. You were great. It was fun and easy working with you two. Scott Pittenger, Director of Mountain Operations for Telluride Ski and Golf Resort: Thank you so much for the permission to do our photoshoot on the mountain. It was the perfect location. The pictures are beautiful. This was, like always, a team effort. Thank you all!!